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Here I feature the stories involving female weight gain by some of our staff writers like Mrak. More stories are being added so please stay tuned... check out ALL their stories at the forums.

Revenge All Around - Chapter 1

Sarah was in shock. It had all happened completely by accident: she’d picked up the second phone to see if Casey, her roommate and best friend, had finished talking with her friend Melissa and she’d heard Melissa ask:

“So, how’s Sarah?”

“Sarah? Miss. Perfect’s perfect, what else,” had been Casey’s scathing reply

And now Sarah was listening to their conversation. Listening to Casey, who she loved like a sister, rip apart any notion of their friendship.

“Everything is just so easy for her. In high school, she was first picked for everything, cheerleading, prom, homecoming queen, dates, sports, prizes. Now at college she’s still got it all; the looks, the guys, the brains. Do you know she has a certified IQ of 163? And she gets to look like that? It’s not fair. I mean, she’s a wonderful person, kind to a fault, but that’s beginning to annoy me too. Living with her, being friends with her, it’s like standing in a giant shadow. I won’t ever be smarter than her but if I was prettier than her then at least there’d be something left for me. But no. She just has to be perfect looking as well.”

“Casey,” said Melissa, “You are just a beautiful as Sarah, just as smart and just as nice.”

“Thanks, but it isn’t true. She’s superwoman. She studies harder than I do, works part-time at a book store, volunteers, goes to the gym four times a week, chairs student council, heads cheerleading...”

“You’re vice-captain of the squad,” interjected Melissa

“Exactly, and that’s all I’ll ever be as long as Sarah’s around. I want there to be some aspect of my life that’s better than Sarah.”

“So study harder.”

“Wouldn’t matter, even if she wrote an essay while drunk she’d get perfect marks.”

“So get some new clothes, get your hair done, you know the works.”

“She’d still look better. She’s prettier and everyone knows, it would look like I was trying too hard.”

“I don’t know then, it’s not like Sarah’s going to get less beautiful.”

“No...Wait, she could, no it’s ridiculous.”

“How is this discussion not ridiculous, what’s the idea.”

“Well, the only thing likely to change about her appearance is her weight. If she got a little chubby, then I’d be the thin pretty one.”

“You’re right, that is ridiculous.”

“I’m not so sure. I mean it wouldn’t be easy but how difficult could it be to stock the house with chocolate and ice cream, cook large meals, hell, even add something to her food when I could?”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes I am. Dammit, this has gone on too long and I finally have an idea of how to win, just once.”

“But Casey, Sarah’s you’re friend. You’ve known each other since high school; do you really want to throw that away over a little jealousy?”

“She’ll never know it was me. I’m doing this, you in?”

“No I am not. I like Sarah.”

“Fine, but don’t say anything to her.”

“Oh...Alright, but don’t you let it go too far.”

“It’ll only go on as long as it takes for me to be the best. Goodnight.”


And with the click of the phone, Sarah was brought back to reality, her mind seething with anger. She jumped up from her bed, ready to storm into Casey’s room and slap her for being such a pregnant dog. Part of her, the rational understanding part, knew that Casey had a point. She did overachieve in every aspect of her life, and it was true that when they went out together it was always Casey accompanying Sarah: Casey had few friends that were just hers. Calming down enough to think more critically, Sarah concluded that if Casey wanted to fatten her out of the top spot then she was going to apply her significant intellect to stopping her, and maybe pulling a few tricks of her own.

The following afternoon found Sarah hard at work as Casey returned from a shopping spree. Sarah heard her from two floors down and when she opened the door Sarah saw she was carrying four large bags that looked to be filled with food.

“Really subtle Casey,” she thought to herself, “Even if I hadn’t heard your plan I’d hardly have been able to miss this would I?”

As Casey started to put the food away, Sarah took stock: Ho Ho’s, Twinkies, cookies, ice cream, chocolates, mini pizzas, family sized bags of crisps, tortilla chips and dip, pop tarts, tacos, burgers. Sarah didn’t think she had ever seen so much food. Still, she played it cool. The best tactic she could employ at the moment was to feign complete ignorance and lull Casey into a false sense of security. To that end, she had to look like she was falling prey to Casey’s ingenious plot, while in fact getting her own revenge. Casey’s words the previous night had hurt, and Sarah had cried quite a bit into her pillow trying to get to sleep. In the cold light of dawn she had resolved that Casey would get what she had coming, and that she’d fool Casey just as Casey had fooled her into thinking she was her friend. To that end, the answer to Casey’s next question was obvious:

“Hey Sarah, you fancy something to eat?”

“Sure. I’ll tell you what have you done that essay for Matherton’s class yet?”
“No, I need to start it today, have you?”

“Started ten minutes ago, grab something with chocolate in and we can work on it together.”

“Excellent, I’ve got some cookies.”

And so Casey and Sarah sat together, as they had on countless occasions, working together on a philosophical evaluation of Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment. What was different was that between them now sat a large open pack of cookies. Sarah had chosen chocolate for several reasons, principle among which was that Casey had always had a weakness for it, secondly, though she was somewhat loathe to admit it, she fancied something sweet. As Sarah typed her essay at breakneck pace, occasionally pausing to check a reference or quote, she noted that Casey was rarely without a cookie in her hand. Sarah knew that Casey found work much harder than she did, and that when she wrote essays she tended to zone out a little, so she didn’t really notice that she was eating almost all the cookies, or that Sarah would reach for another cookie and grab nothing but air. Indeed, she had eaten half of one cookie and then left the remnants by the laptop, which combined with her mimed actions and Casey’s mostly oblivious state created a convincing illusion of her gluttony.
A mere half an hour after starting Sarah had finished her essay with two readings and a complete bibliography and judging by Casey’s furrowed brow she had barely started, What’s more, all but two of the cookies and the half remaining by Sarah’s laptop were gone. Taking the two cookies out of the packet and proffering them to Casey she said

“You have these, I’ve had more than my fair share,” giving her best sheepish guilty grin and gently patting her flat stomach for emphasis.

“Tell you what, one each,” said Casey, giving one back to Sarah, a glint of triumph in her eyes.

“Thanks.” Taking the cookie, Sarah stood up, grabbed the packaging and went to the kitchen throwing the packaging and the cookie away, allowing herself a small smile. If Casey kept this up, this was going to be easier than she’d imagined.

The next morning Casey left for an early class. Being a night person she was in no state to try and ply Sarah with food and Sarah was in the shower anyway, so she had her cereal and left. Minutes later Sarah emerged, dripping wet and embalmed in several towels. Sarah had a genius IQ but she also had a strong analytical and practical mind. She knew that even though she knew Casey’s plans she was inevitably going to increase her caloric intake no matter how hard she tried not to, so that morning at 06:00 she had expanded her already extensive exercise regime to include a two hour daily run. Casey’s earliest classes were at 09:00 and they were only a 10 minute walk from the apartment they shared, so she never got up before 08:30 and on more than one occasion slept straight through them, leaving Sarah ample time to get back shower and leave for her own classes without revealing to Casey that she had been running. Today, however, was Sarah’s day off in terms of lectures so she was going to do some research, though not in her usual field. Casey kept a diary and had done so for as long as Sarah had known her. In all the time they had been friends Sarah had never once looked in it, though she had known for years that Casey hid it in the casing of her pillow. Going into her friend’s room Sarah felt a twinge of guilt over the trust she was about to betray but her anger and resolve quickly drowned it out. Finding the diary she quickly flicked to the most recent entry to see if Casey had written anything of interest. As it turned out, the whole of the last entry seemed devoted to the topic:

I’ve begun my plan to finally put Sarah in her place. I’ve filled the house with junk and she ate almost an entire pack of cookies last night while we worked. When she got near to the end of the packet she had a guilty little smile on her face but it didn’t stop her from having the last of the cookies. I’m not even sure she realised how many she ate. This is going to be easy. She never buys treats for herself and I think years of deprivation have engendered quite a craving just waiting to be unleashed. Next week is Halloween so I’ll have an excuse to get more candy for “trick-or-treaters”. If I leave a bowl by the door I’m sure she’ll eat lots and there are so few kids around here that there’ll be loads left over. In another three weeks it’ll be Thanksgiving then Christmas and the holiday seasons surrounding New Years. She’ll be up a dress size or two before next semester.

“Cow,” was Sarah’s immediate response, which she then followed up with a few more choice expletives. Nevertheless, she couldn’t help but sense a vein of truth in there. She never ate chocolate or ice cream or fast food. It wasn’t really about weight more just a habit of healthy living that she’d fallen into. And the one cookie she’d eaten had been delicious.

“I can’t keep pretending to eat around Casey,” she mused to herself, “She’s gullible sure and people see what they want to see but I’m going to have to eat that junk when she’s around; she’d notice otherwise. I’ll just make sure she’s eating whenever I am and throw away some of the food when she’s not here so she thinks I’m pigging out in secret. She hates the gym, and cheerleading will be over soon so she’ll get no exercise. Then all I have to do is devote a few more hours to the gym, eat healthily whenever she’s not around and I’ll be able to match her meal for meal but not pound for pound.”

Smiling broadly, Sarah put Casey’s diary back inside her pillowcase and walked into their kitchen. Rooting though the cupboards she found a large packet of king-sized Mars bars. She took two, tore off the wrappers and threw one in the bin and left one by her laptop where Casey would be sure to see it. She then put the chocolate bars in the sink turned the hot water on and watched them melt away down the drain. Finished and with the sink cleaned to a mirror shine once more Sarah returned to her room to work-out. After all, if she was going to play the part of the unknowing sap convincingly she was going to need a lot more extra exercise than a morning run.

It was Halloween and true to her word Casey had outdone herself in her efforts to tempt Sarah to the fat side. Her stockpiling talent was so pronounced that even though she’d been expecting it Sarah had been somewhat taken aback. It was impossible to walk anywhere in the apartment without passing a bowl full of candies or the daily box of doughnuts Casey had started buying. The tactic Sarah employed was simple: never eat if Casey wasn’t there but leave false evidence; if Casey was there offer her something, if she said yes join her or if possible pretend to, if she said no then pretend to eat something. Much as Sarah would have liked to deny it, a part of her loved the change in diet, and since she’d always enjoyed exercise it wasn’t too costly. The sinful delight of a Krispy Kreme doughnut, the freedom of ordering the most extravagant pizzas dripping in cheeses and layered in meats. But what compounded this was the sight of Casey enjoying the same carnal pleasures: The way her face lit up when she was chewing a chocolate bar, the sight of her licking powdered sugar off her lips, her tongue chasing each errant speck, the look of satisfaction on her face when she finished the heavy meals she prepared. But best of all was the half-hidden triumphant look she got on her face whenever she saw Sarah eating something she ought not to. To Sarah it was an engaging game, one that only she knew they were both playing and one that she was determined to win.

It was to that end that she was now dressed up in an intentionally revealing demoness costume attending the largest Halloween party near campus. She had chosen the costume weeks ago because she knew she looked great in it, now it had an added bonus. When she had presented herself for approval Casey’s eyes had practically glowed green with envy. She’d immediately grabbed a chocolate bar from nearby and tossed it to Sarah, who broke it in half and threw it back before gobbling hers down greedily. It amused Sarah to see Casey so angry, especially when the skimpy nurse’s outfit she was wearing looked stunning on her. Sarah took the opportunity to take stock of Casey’s body so that she could better gauge her progress:

First off was Casey’s stomach, completely on display in the nurse’s costume. It was flat and tanned but not toned. Casey had either never had the desire or the will to work out much, she ate sensibly and only went to the gym when she felt the need or desire and as such had never toned her body like Sarah had. Her hips were gently curved and, as she turned to the side Sarah could see her butt, probably Casey’s best feature, on prominent display in her skin-tight thigh-high skirt. It wasn’t a large butt, but it was heart-shaped and well-rounded, fitting well in skirts and jeans alike. Her arms, bare in the tiny top, were slender but toneless, and her legs similarly slim but slightly more toned from cheerleading. Her breasts, which comfortably filled her C-cup bra, were displayed in the intentionally tight top that slightly pressed them together: deepening the gully of cleavage on display. Sarah really didn’t know what Casey’s insecurities stemmed from, she looked amazing, and it wasn’t like she lacked male attention at parties. But still, she’d started this.

At the club Sarah unleashed her secret weapon. Alcohol. Sarah very rarely drank, and on the rare occasions that she did it was half a glass of dry white wine and no more, another bonus of her healthy-living habits. Casey on the other hand had no such inhibitions and Sarah knew that if there was one place to pick up empty calories it was at the bar. Casey made it easier still for Sarah by her tipple of choice, cocktails. High in alcohol content, drowning in fruit juices, sugars, syrups and frequently chocolate each one could pack a 500 calorie punch. Easily. Which was why Sarah, kind and devoted friend with well-paying part-time job that she was, was keeping Casey well-supplied and recommending to many of the attractive men checking her out on the dance floor that a cocktail was her favourite cocktail drink. After Casey had finished her fourth she was drunk enough to lose most all her common sense, and so when Sarah proffered her Halloween styled treats and nibbles she ate them without even thinking, never noticing that Sarah didn’t touch a thing, rather she spent her time on the dance floor, occasionally circling round to bring Casey another drink or some more food. At four in the morning, thoroughly exhausted but delighted with the evening Sarah found Casey, now extremely drunk and sitting at the bar swaying to the music, a half-finished drink in one hand, hoisted her to her feet and took Casey out to the car and drove her home. Getting her back to the apartment Sarah gently lowered her down to the sofa and admired her work. Casey’s full stomach, now swollen with food, was pressing against the hem of her skirt, an angry red mark visible where the material had pressed into her rounded tummy. But Sarah wasn’t done yet. She grabbed a bowl filled with sweets from the nearest counter and went over to Casey, whose eyes were half closed and her mouth curled in a blissfully ignorant smile. Taking a sweet, she gently said “Open wide Casey” and popped the sugary treat into her open maw. She emptied half the bowl, dozens and dozens of sweets into Casey, who happily gobbled them up without a care in the world, her hands unconsciously holding and massaging her growing belly. Then Sarah grabbed the four remaining doughnuts and gently fed them to Casey, who moaned softly in pleasure, licking her lips to capture the jam that trickled over lower lip. Gently poking Casey’s belly and delighted to find it hard and taut, she undid the clasp allowed her burgeoning stomach room to spread out and was rewarded by a quiet groan of relief from Casey and the sound of her stomach pushing the zipper downwards. Still convinced that Casey could hold more, Sarah went to the freezer and grabbed a large tub of Double Chocolate Fudge ice cream and a spoon before she began to feed her the tub, taking small slivers of ice cream and placing them on Casey’s tongue whereupon she swallowed as they melted. Sarah got through half the tub before deciding Casey had had enough for that night. Looking at her watch she saw it was already five in the morning, an hour until she was supposed to go running.

“That’s not happening,” Sarah said to herself as she stifled a yawn, “I’ll just have to find the time tomorrow afternoon, it’s a Saturday after all.”

That settled, Sarah took one more moment to marvel at Casey’s engorged stomach, now taut as drum and forcing her panties to fold under its mass, before taking her to her room, removing her skirt and top and laying her down in her bed, where she instantly fell asleep. At the door, Sarah turned and smiled at the visible bump in the duvet before turning off the light and going to bed.


Revenge All Around - Chapter 2

Casey’s Diary November 1st

Woke up today around two, my head felt like it was in a slowly tightening vice. Went out into the kitchen and Sarah was working off her own hangover finishing a huge fry-up. She offered to make me some, I probably should have said no but I was so hung-over I doubt I could have survived without it. Afterwards I checked the fridge and four eggs, a pack of bacon and three slices of bread had all disappeared and there’s no way I ate close to half of that. I know I’ve been eating a little more than usual lately what with trying to get Sarah to eat more junk but she’s definitely eaten loads more, and I haven’t seen her go to the gym in a week. I have a great metabolism so I’ll be fine; at least until I can turn Sarah into a habitual eater, then she won’t need my encouragement. It’s only been a week since I started fattening that pregnant dog up and there doesn’t seem to be any change yet but soon she’ll get hers.

As Sarah finished reading the entry the following afternoon while Casey was at class she couldn’t help but think,

“What world are you living in Casey?”

Sarah hadn’t eaten any fried food whatsoever; she’d had a salad after she got back from her run a little after twelve. When she heard Casey banging around in her drunken waking routine she had quickly grabbed a plate and fried a piece of bread, washing up the frying pan before putting it and several other unused cooking utensils on the draining board as if they’d just been used. Then she’d rubbed the greasy fried bread over a plate, added some ketchup and thrown away all but a small corner of the bread. When Casey had emerged bleary-eyed from her room it had been to see Sarah putting a fork down from her mouth, one hand patting her “full” stomach and smiling towards her. All that then remained was to cook Casey her own little “breakfast”, which accounted for the rest of the stuff missing from the fridge. Casey had barely been alive when Sarah put the food down in front of her, she seemed almost to eat it without conscious thought, which suited Sarah just fine. When she had emerged that morning, dressed in her panties, a bra and a tank top, her previous night’s gluttony was undetectable but afterwards her stomach was once again protruding, albeit slightly, causing the tank top to rise gently and the hem of her panties to dip below the razor-straight edge they usually cut across her figure. That said, Casey’s concern over her eating a fried breakfast was a problem, though her arrogant attitude to her body’s ability to burn off the excess was a plus. Sarah made a mental note, whenever the time was right, to compliment Casey’s look or outfit in order to keep her mind on Sarah’s waist rather than her own.

A fortnight had now passed since Halloween, almost three full weeks since the beginning of the farce Sarah and Casey had been living in. Sarah and Casey were in the middle of the last cheerleading training session of the season. Sarah knew that these training sessions were the only regular source of exercise that Casey got, and so the upcoming break was in her favour, that said she’d done her best to limit Casey’s activity in the training sessions since it all began. She would empty the water cooler before training session started and ask Casey if she would refill it while the squad ran laps and when acrobatics were involved Sarah ensured that Casey was the one being thrown into the air and never the one actually exerting herself. What was even more encouraging was that she had seen that Casey kept a chocolate bar or two in her bag for after practice. At first she had always offered Sarah half, but during the last two sessions this week she had gleefully devoured them oherself seemingly with no thought for her “master plan”. As the squad took a breather for some water, Sarah looked at Casey and allowed the ghost of a smile to touch her lips. Casey had gained weight. It was by no means large, and Sarah was pretty sure no one else in the squad had even noticed, but Sarah could see the three, four, maybe even five pounds that Casey’s increasingly hedonistic lifestyle had added to her figure, changes that were made particularly evident by the natural tightness of their cheerleading uniforms. Casey’s stomach, never the epitome of tone in the first place was as soft as pudding and no longer flat in profile bulging ever so slightly over the lip of her skirt, angry red marks visible from where the harsh material bit into her tender, nascent flesh. Additionally, although it was difficult to detect when she was wearing a skirt, Sarah was certain that Casey’s posterior, always her favourite feature to flaunt, was jiggling more than she recalled. When Casey was dressed normally, especially now that the cold weather favoured a departure from revealing clothing, it was nearly impossible to tell she’d gained anything at all but here in the sport’s centre Sarah could see the consequence of all Casey’s little excesses. Seeing Casey turn her way Sarah turned in half-profile, pushing out her stomach slightly trying to hide the lack of evidence of her own “excess” from Casey’s roaming eyes. Twisting her face into a slight frown she took her finger and gently prodded her stomach, deepening her frown before pinching it between forefinger and thumb and shaking it experimentally. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Casey’s stupid grin and in her own head she marvelled, for what must have been the hundredth time, at how amazingly easy it was to fool someone with what they wanted to see.

Contrary to Casey’s lying eyes, Sarah’s rigorous exercise regime had actually overcompensated for her unusual caloric intake. Stepping on the scales that morning in what had become a ritual of hers Sarah had found she had actually lost 4 pounds in the last three weeks. Better yet she was in arguably the best physical condition of her life: her runs seemed to get easier every day. Ironically, tonight was the cheerleader’s holiday season night-out. The tradition had been passed down from sophomore to freshman for almost ten years and was held on the first Saturday night after the last cheerleading practice of the season. All the squad went out for a meal and then onto a club, and so on. What was important about the tradition was that it was customary, even encouraged, for the girls to completely ignore the normal dietary restrictions associated with their sport. The reason for this, odd though it might seem to those outside, was that with approach of Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and the freezing cold the girls all knew they would likely be starting next season with a few more pounds holiday weight than they ended the last: this evening served to remind everyone that there were worse things in life and that indulging over the holidays was not a capital crime that would get them thrown off the team. By and large the tradition had been tremendously popular, and had made significant reductions to the unhealthy obsession with weight, both one’s own and one’s teammates’, that often infects cheerleading squads. By now of course much of this was just implicit and the girls participating didn’t really think much about the underlying reasons for the meal, but the fact that every member of the squad was of healthy weight for their body type did demonstrate the results.

Practice over and back in the apartment Sarah stood in front of her wardrobe debating her evening’s attire. What was complicating the decision was the need to find a way to look as if she’d gained weight to Casey but, ideally, not to anyone else. Concluding that that was basically impossible she took the next best option: She grabbed a top of hers that was shaped into stylish folds of excess material, effectively concealing her stomach while showing off her bust, also being long enough to hide the hem of her skirt even when she sat down. She complemented this with a short silk-lined skirt that wrapped tightly around her butt, making it seem larger than it was (though not, she felt, in an unattractive way), while leaving her with more than enough room to sit, walk and dance due to the smooth nature of the silk lining. The resulting ensemble served to suggest to Casey that she was hiding her stomach, with the skirt demonstrating potential gains in her rear to keep Casey’s eyes from a more in depth observation, the rest of the squad, meanwhile, would think nothing whatsoever was different.

An hour later found Casey waiting impatiently for Sarah by the door.

“Sarah, come on. We’re going to be late.”

“I’m right here Case, I’m right here,” said Sarah as she emerged from her room.
“I’m sorry it took so long, I just couldn’t get this skirt to fit right.”

The pair headed for the door, Sarah anxiously running her hands up and down the skirt, tugging and pulling it.

“What do you mean, it’s gorgeous. Is it new?” asked Casey

“Yes, I got it a few weeks ago, it was tight then, but, you know, in a good way. I really shouldn’t be going to this dinner.”

“What, why?”

“Look at my ass! I think I’ve gained 5lbs and it's all gone straight to my butt. Look at how tight this skirt is.”

“Firstly Sarah, your butt looks amazing in that dress, the guys are going to go nuts. Secondly, don’t forget what tonight’s about.”

“Yeah, maybe you’re right. Still I hate the way it feels: it’s like I’ve stuffed a sweater in there or something.”

“You’re being ridiculous, besides even if you have gained weight, which I still say is nonsense, Tracy’s put on plenty since she started going out with what’s his name.”

“You mean James Cooper?” Sarah interrupted.

“Probably. But anyway, her weight’s gone to lots of places and she still looks great.”

“Yeah, I guess. I suppose we can’t all have bodies like yours Case.”

“Mine? Aww, thanks Sarah.”

“You’re welcome.” Moron.

The fifteen squad members were seated around a large table, Sarah, as captain, was in the centre and Casey, as vice-captain, was seated on her right. All of them were eagerly tucking in to their food, including Sarah, who had a fillet of halibut with spring vegetables and boiled new potatoes, and Casey who was eating steak pie with a mound of mashed potato soaked with butter. Reluctant though she was to admit that Casey’s plans had affected her eating habits, Sarah knew by the eagerness with which she was devouring her succulent fish that that was not altogether true. Tonight, she reasoned, was a night for celebration, even gluttony, but it concerned her that her appetite had already changed in just three weeks. Still, nothing she could do about it while she was trying to fatten Casey, she would just have to keep tabs on her eating habits. If there as any consolation to be had it was that Casey looked as though the culinary experience of the last three weeks had had much the same effect on her, as she had finished her pie some minutes ago and had since absent-mindedly buttered and eaten two slices of the complementary bread. As the last of the main course dishes were taken away, an air of excitement crept over the entire table: Dessert. For many of the girls assembled this was one of the rare occasions at a restaurant where they not only could, but were expected to, order whatever they most wanted off the dessert menu, a pleasure that they usually deprived themselves of, opting instead for fruit or even a healthy helping of air. But not tonight. As the dessert menus were passed around the table fifteen pairs of eager eyes scanned downed the pages, forbidden words leaping up at them: chocolate torte; treacle toffee pudding; triple chocolate chip ice cream; banoffee pie; chocolate Dark Forest Gateaux with chocolate sauce; strawberry cheesecake with raspberry coulis; and still more chocolate. As the deserts were served up, the girls waited until everyone’s desert was placed in front of them. Then, almost as though they were acting as one, they each took their first bite and a collective sigh of appreciation emanated from the table. What followed thereafter was a melee of “You’ve got to try this,” “No, you’ve got to try this,” and “Ooh white chocolate, my favourite.” Casey, who was by now not only besotted with food but also on wine, accepted every piece of food that was offered to her. Sarah, who was in full command of her wits and the only one at the table who was so, was characteristically generous with her large slice of chocolate cake, but declined to try any of the other myriad gastronomic delights that covered the table.

The meal over, and several of the team members, Casey included, patting or cradling their stuffed stomachs, contented smiles adorning their faces from ear to ear, the girls moved the party to the nearest night club. While at the restaurant Sarah had, save for filling Casey’s wine glass more often than was necessary, let the matter of weight rest (in the spirit of the evening) now at the club however her Machiavellian temperament took back the reins. It was once again child’s play to convince Casey’s various admirers to buy her calorie laden drinks, and Casey once more drank them without question, enjoying the attention and the taste. Sarah meanwhile spent the majority of her time on the dance floor, where she was pleased to discover that Casey had been right: the guys loved her butt. The night over, Casey and Sarah staggered back to their apartment, Casey under the weight of her drunkenness, Sarah under the weight of Casey, and once back Sarah laid Casey down on the sofa and went to the kitchen to find something for her to eat. She returned from the fridge to find Casey, sprawled on the sofa, feet on the table in front of her, with a bowl of chocolates she had lifted off the nearby counter resting on her protruding belly, and a handful of the treats disappearing down her gullet. Sarah watched with a grin as Casey shovelled handful after handful of sweets into her expectant mouth, smiling as she chewed. When the bowl ran out, Sarah proffered Casey the large ice cream pot she had brought from the freezer and a spoon. Casey took both and dug in with abandon, Sarah was amazed both at her bottomless capacity and seemingly endless appetite. As the spoon scraped the bottom of the tub Casey took her last mouthful before dropping spoon and tub on the table, leaning back and groaning in pleasure. Sarah could only look on in amazement. Casey’s stomach was swollen and stretched into an enormous dome. The slinky black dress she wore was stretched so taut across her belly the Sarah could see the pink flesh of her engorged tummy. As Casey shifted herself so she could lie further back the abused fabric finally gave out and a five inch long rip stretched down the left-hand seam. Casey’s belly was much too full to move into this new space but the fat that had recently begun layering her hips bulged out over the hem of her panties under the colossal weight of her evening’s repast. Mind jumping for joy, Sarah stood Casey up and helped her to her room, unzipped her dress and helped her out of it before helping her into bed. As she stood over Casey’s underwear-clad form she poked her belly, which was packed solid but had a layer of soft fat encasing it. Slapping it lightly Sarah watched as it rippled gently across her body before tucking her in and turning out the light.

Revenge All Around - Chapter 3

Casey’s Diary November 16th

I think last night hit me pretty hard. Woke up this morning still feeling full… at least I think I was full. It was difficult to tell through the hangover. Going out to eat with fourteen other girls who have spent the last four months dieting is not good for your figure. Still, Sarah ate loads, and even though her clothes hid her waist pretty well I could definitely tell she’s gained some weight. It’s only a week and a half until Thanksgiving now, Sarah’s coming back with me, her parents are in Kenya visiting someone, so I’ll have plenty of opportunity to stuff her full of turkey. In the mean time, I think that if I keep the house fully stocked, she’ll eat it herself now. She seems to be eating almost whenever I see her, it’s time to let nature take its course. Goodbye skinny bïtch.

As ever when reading Casey’s diary, Sarah was staggered by her friend’s incomprehensible capability to ignore the obvious. Still, it worked very much in Sarah’s favour, and even though the information was now a day old, it was still extremely valuable. Leaving Casey’s room, she walked into the kitchen and picked up the book she was reading for English Lit. Holding the book in one hand, she reread a paragraph to look for a subtler meaning to the otherwise seemingly blunt text and walked into the kitchen, opened a cupboard and grabbed a Mars Bar. Mentally highlighting a series of quotes for the essay she would eventually have to write, she tore off the wrapper with her teeth and brought the creamy chocolate to her mouth, inhaling deeply, feeling the balm of the chocolate soothe her.

“What the hell?” Sarah exclaimed, dropping book and chocolate to the floor in surprise.

“What am I doing with a chocolate bar in my hand?” she asked, rhetorically, to the empty apartment. This was bad. She never ate junk when Casey wasn’t around, there was no reason to. Was she starting to form a habit? Had she snacked at some other point and not noticed. Slightly panicked that her rational mind seemed to have been over-powered by a sugar craving, Sarah tore through the cupboards, emptying it all onto the counter, then did the same with the contents of the fridge. She ran through the mental checklist of all the food in the house, an essential part of her side in the game, and discovered that there were a number of items missing ranging from Snickers and Ho-Hos to miniature pizzas.

“Casey must have eaten all the stuff that’s missing. There’s no way I cooked a pizza without noticing. Could I have eaten something else though?”

Having now thoroughly freaked herself out, she ran to the bathroom, stripped and jumped on the scale. It was actually lower than Saturday morning, a full 5lbs below her starting weight. Breathing a sigh of relief, she stepped off, put on her clothes and admonished herself for letting such a small thing get to her so badly. She reflected that this game was liable to skew one’s body image, and resolved two things. Firstly, to watch her eating, junk was junk and there was no reason to eat it without Casey around. Secondly, she mustn’t let her weight drop much further, both because it would be unhealthy and because she was already finding her current clothes, most of which had been loose to begin with, to be excessively baggy, to the point where she was in need of some new outfits. A light bulb suddenly sprang into life above Sarah’s head:

“New clothes…Now there’s an idea.”

Thus it was that next Saturday saw Sarah and Casey hit the high street to do some serious shopping. Sarah couldn’t help but feel that it was none too soon. The past week had been hard on both girls’ figures, though in very different ways. Sarah and Casey both wore a size 4, the primary difference being that Sarah wore a size 4 because she liked her clothes a little loose, a feature she could not usually get from a size 3, though she owned several dresses in that size for special occasions, whereas Casey wore a size 4 because she liked her clothes a little tight. She could not have fit into a size 3, not because she was significantly heavier than Sarah but because it simply wasn’t in her body’s shape to be that size.

In spite of her resolution not to lose any more weight, Sarah was down another two pounds, and had actually eased up on her exercise regime to stem the tide before it got out of hand. The consequence of this loss was now placing her in constant danger of being rumbled by Casey, who would eventually have to notice that Sarah was wearing a belt with every outfit and using new holes in those belts to boot. The only way that Sarah had managed to avoid detection was to pad much of her clothing, giving the impression of a larger rump and slightly fuller stomach, all carefully hidden under appropriate mid-November bulky clothing. Casey on the other hand was in a very different predicament. Her gluttony seemed to be ever-increasing, and having been fostered by Sarah’s own gourmandizing and her personal love of sweets and chocolate, combined with her predominantly sedentary lifestyle and increasingly overwhelmed metabolism this meant that the gain was coming quicker than ever and was ever more noticeable.

Casey was developing a belly. Sarah had taken some pleasure in observing the formally slightly concave stomach fill out to lie level and then further still, almost like a balloon filling with water in slow motion. Casey’s stomach swelled gently with nascent flesh, pushing against her tight tops and constricting jeans. When Casey walked around the apartment in her underwear, a common occurrence in the mornings, the added flesh was enough to divert the hem of her panties away from their formally razor straight path, even when she hadn’t been eating, a much less common occurrence. As well as her belly, there was also an almost imperceptible softening of almost all of her body, mostly attributable to Casey’s spectacular lack of physical exercise. However, as Sarah had expected, the majority of the change had taken place below the waist. Casey’s thighs were thicker, the gap between them seemed to narrow daily, and when she walked they shook deliciously with each footfall. Her ass too had taken much of the gain, swelling behind Casey in a foretelling of pear-shaped things to come. Her underwear no longer fully covered her rounding cheeks, and no matter how often Casey would pick at them, a few steps caused enough movement for her butt to peek back out.
The effect of her gain on her clothes was getting grim. It was her pants, jeans, and skirts that were worst hit, since the gain was concentrated down low. Her widening thighs stretched the seams of her jeans, and Sarah had observed with increasing frequency popped seams and had often thought to herself that Casey’s legs were beginning to resemble sausages… pork sausages. The double pressure of Casey’s bulging backside and thickening waist was straining the button on almost everything Casey owned, disinclined as she always was to wear sweats anywhere but a gym. Her waist lifted many of her tops high enough to see slithers of bare flesh pressed cruelly into the hems of her pants, ensuring that the puckered button was always on display.

Casey and Sarah walked into a boutique and, as was their habit when shopping together, immediately split up with plans to meet shortly at the changing rooms. Sarah walked around the displays and began carefully picking outfits, mostly in a size 3 and a few in a size 2, before heading over to the changing rooms where Casey was already standing, a heap of clothing under her arms. Walking into adjacent rooms, Sarah and Casey both got changed into their first selection. Sarah knew that this was a dangerous plan, though given both hers and Casey’s clothing situation, a necessary one. After thinking about it long and hard she had decided the best way to pull it off would be to grab clothes that were too small, pad them a bit in the right places so it looked like fat rather than a tight piece of clothing and then prey on Casey’s vanity by keeping as much of the attention as possible on how good she looked.
It did not take long for Sarah to realise that the first part of the plan had not gone off as well as she might have hoped. The seven pounds she had lost since this had all begun meant that the cute size 3 jeans she’d picked out fit as though they were custom made. Craning her neck around so she could see how her ass looked she was both pleased and frustrated to see that the fit was near perfect. It was tighter than she usually wore jeans, but only slightly, which forced Sarah to reflect on just how big her size four clothing was on her now. All in all, Sarah thought she had never looked better in jeans. This was a real problem. Still, Sarah had come prepared, she had worn one of her larger outfits today, so that she could smuggle in as much padding as she could conceivably need, and now she took it out and, in what was becoming a somewhat common practice for her, began to pad her rump, doming it out into a small shelf that stuck out pertly behind her and stretched down a little lower than where her actual butt ended, to make it look larger. She added material to the legs of the jeans to bring her thighs closer together and around her hips to make them wider and then added material underneath the new top she had picked out to create her growing stomach. Checking herself for any lumps, other than those appropriate, she walked out of the changing room and almost gasped in shock.

Casey had decided, for her first ensemble, to try a gorgeous red dress that went beautifully with her light blonde hair. What had so shocked Sarah was that the dress was visibly three or four inches shorter than it was supposed to be. Judging by the wrinkles forming around her hips, Sarah felt she could hazard a pretty good guess as to why.

“Casey! That’s gorgeous,” Sarah gushed, false excitement bubbling out of her voice.

“Isn’t it,” Casey said, grinning from ear to ear, “I saw it and just had to try it on.”

“Give me a twirl Case, I’ve got to see the whole thing.”

Obliging, Casey began a slow spin on the spot. Sarah had to admit that without the weight Casey could have stopped traffic, but the one thing the dress did remorselessly was showcase every excess on Casey’s growing body. Front on, the dark red fabric did a pretty good job of hiding the belly Casey had been lovingly cultivating, as of course did the store lighting which combined with the mirrors to hide the small shadow that frequently formed underneath the furthest overhang of her stomach. In profile however, her protuberant stomach was in plain view, bulging outwards and while it was not yet further out than Casey’s considerable breasts, the gap was slowly beginning to close. Much, much worse than the stomach though was Casey’s rump. Always Casey’s best feature in every outfit she wore, it was also the one she paid the least mind to when she tried on clothing. Why should she worry when it always looked so good? After almost a month of indulgent, calorie-laden luxury Casey’s ass had taken a serious hit. It ballooned behind her, curving outwards from the small of her back. As Casey came to the half-way point, Sarah could see the cheeks pressed up against each other in the confines of the dress, furiously fighting for space to expand. Each cheek was heavy enough that, even in the tight dress, they weighed down so that the dress creased underneath them, tucking in under each cheek as if shouting to all the world “Look at this girl’s bum”. It was immediately evident that Casey was wearing a thong, for if not the panty-lines would have been in plain view. Even so, the thin line of fabric wrapped around Casey’s hips was just visible, for they too had widened considerably. More of interest to Sarah was the beginnings of little love-handles forming, something she had not been able to see in Casey’s usual attire and which were being accentuated by the dress fashionably cinching in to the theoretical wearer’s stylish slim waist. As Casey completed her turn, Sarah allowed her delight at Casey’s marvellous progress to shine through her face, Casey of course mistook it for appreciation of how good she looked.

“Oh god,“ began Sarah, “You look so amazing. You’re only making me feel worse!”

“What?” queried Casey, broken from her reverie at her rapturous beauty,

“Look at me Case. My butt’s swelling out of these jeans, my thighs are nearly touching and I’m sure everyone here can see the imprint of my fat stomach against this top! I’ve become a disgusting blob over this last month. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

And with that Sarah allowed a single tear to fall down her face before turning around, ostensibly to hide her watery eyes, but also so Casey could see her rounding rump. Rushing over to her, Casey laid her hand on her shoulder and took Sarah into a big hug, Sarah could actually feel Casey’s stomach pressing against her padding and hoped Casey couldn’t tell.

“There, there Sarah, please don’t cry,” Sarah could actually hear the glee in Casey’s voice, she was unbelievable sometimes, “You’re not fat, that outfit is really cute on you, and anyway, the guys love your butt.”

“But Casey, this isn’t even the worst of it.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well,” Sarah replied, her voice growing very small, “this is a size 5.”

There was silence for a moment as Casey seemed to exude happiness from every pore, before trying once again to console the stricken and plumping Sarah. Sarah smiled, Casey had bought the whole show: she’d be able to beg off trying any more clothes and just spend the day marvelling at Casey’s rounding form.
After several hours of shopping Casey and Sarah split up again to return all the clothes they would not be buying. While doing so Sarah completed her latest plan. When she had chosen her clothes, she had also made sure that every item she got in a size 3 also came in size 5, and as she returned the unwanted clothes she also swapped all the others for the larger size, just in case Casey saw a label. After meeting at the till and paying for their clothes, the girls walked to the food court, ordered some greasy burgers topped with bacon and cheese and polished them off before heading home. As she drove back, Sarah reflected on how intently Casey had watched her eat, and she had taken care to appear lost in the joy of eating. In reality what Sarah had done was imitate, as best she could, the look on Casey’s face every time she took a bite of hers.
As Sarah thought on it, another plan presented itself. Thanksgiving was going to be a hell of a holiday.


Revenge All Around - Chapter 4

Casey’s Diary November 22nd

Sarah and I went clothes shopping this afternoon. It was awesome. I hadn’t realised just how much fatter she must be getting: she was struggling to get her ass into a size 5. I’ve got to hand it to her, she has a real knack for hiding the gain with her clothes. What with Christmas coming up and what my mom’s cooking will do to her over Thanksgiving I think I can have her splitting out of a six before cheerleading starts up again in January, I’d love to see the look on her face if she had to admit to me that she was wearing an eight. Sarah’s thighs are getting a lot thicker too, it won’t be long until they start rubbing together, and her belly is definitely starting to show. I should try and catch her after a shower and get a proper look at her, but ever since she started gaining weight she’s become really self-conscious about being even slightly exposed. I’ve been walking around in my underwear every now and then just to glimpse the jealous look on her face when she sees my still fit bod. I’m loving this.

Sarah put Casey’s diary back where it belonged inside the casing of her pillow, making sure to put it in the same place as where she had taken it from. Not that she thought it likely that Casey would notice, but it never hurt to be careful. As usual after reading Casey’s latest musings Sarah’s blood was boiling and she was resolved to make sure this Thanksgiving had an irrevocable effect on Casey’s “fit bod”.

Going to her computer Sarah checked her e-mail and was excited to see she had a message from her brother. Rick was a doctor, currently working in Kenya as part of medical expedition in Africa. Since it was unlikely that he would be back for Christmas when there would be many family members to house and feed, Sarah’s parents were visiting him over Thanksgiving leaving Sarah to go to Casey’s. Sarah had e-mailed her brother, telling him everything about what had happened between her and Casey and their current ongoing battle of weights. In particular, she had asked him if there was anything he could think of to help her. Clicking on the e-mail, Sarah began to read:

"Hey Sarah, good to hear from you. Sorry to hear you’ve got into such a bad situation with Casey, I know you two were close. Still, I always thought she was a little bit of bitch,” Sarah smiled. “This feud you two have gotten into is unhealthy Sarah, and if Mom and Dad knew they’d sure as hell put a stop to it. Still, if you want my help the only thing I can really recommend would be appetite stimulants. When I was on my pysch rotation back in Med school, I was assigned a couple of anorexic patients. Some of them have starved themselves so completely that even when they begin to accept that they need to eat more sensibly they still don’t have any appetite, so we give them the stimulants to help them along. My friend Ben is working at a practice not far from you and I IMed him yesterday and he said he’d prescribe them to you, you have an appointment Tuesday afternoon. But seriously, this won’t end well Sarah."

At the end of the e-mail were the details for her appointment and the address of the practice. Sarah felt a mixture of exhilaration and sadness after reading her brother’s e-mail. She was delighted at the prospect of getting an extra edge on Casey, and appetite stimulants, even if they proved not to be that strong, would be the perfect thing for Thanksgiving, or even to help along a late night binge after a night of heavy drinking. Still, Sarah knew that Rick was right: this whole thing was going to end in disaster eventually. Her friendship with Casey was basically over, once Casey realised that Sarah hadn’t gained any weight she was going to be irreconcilably mad. However, these thoughts soon faded away, leaving behind the same familiar anger that made Sarah feel that everything she was doing was fair.

The rest of Sunday passed uneventfully until Casey returned from her shopping trip, laden as ever with fattening goodies that quickly spread to every corner of the apartment. Wanting to make sure their workload was clear before Thanksgiving, the two of them settled down for an afternoon of hard graft, Sarah writing her English Literature essay, Casey working her way through Voltaire’s Candide. As usual Casey had brought a variety of snacks, from chocolate bars and Ho-Hos to a family-sized packet of toffee-popcorn that sat in a pile between the two girls. As Casey’s forehead furrowed ever more deeply, the dense French text and obscure verbiage sending her time and again to her dictionary, her eating built up greater and greater momentum. Though trying to focus on her essay Sarah was becoming increasingly distracted by Casey’s performance. It had started simply enough, when Casey had dumped the food on the table, commenting that it was impossible to work without something to snack on, she had grabbed a Mars bar and tossed it to Sarah and grabbed one for herself. Since Sarah’s hands were busy typing, she had been able to leave the Mars bar half-eaten by the side of her computer while her fingers danced across her keyboard, but Casey, whose gluttony-cultivated appetite and desire to fatten Sarah into a muumuu had her thinking about food almost constantly, was only reading her book, leaving one hand free to graze. The Mars bar had disappeared in three large gulps, Sarah had smiled at the way Casey’s tongue had licked her lips trying to catch a bit of stray caramel. No sooner had the Mars bar vanished than Casey grabbed another one, which she gobbled down just as quickly. Soon after, while her right hand was tracing its way down a page of her dictionary, her left had grabbed two Ho-Hos and, in a feat of dexterity that quite amazed Sarah, she opened the wrappers with just one hand before polishing off each in two swift bites.
Sarah was beginning to worry that Casey might notice her own lack of eating and, actually feeling rather hungry, took a pause from her essay to polish of her Mars bar and grab a large packet of chocolate chip cookies. She opened them, took two and then proffered the packet to Casey to make sure she noticed, fully expecting Casey to ignore them after having already eaten so much food in barely fifteen minutes. Instead Casey just took the packet, eyes never leaving her book, and Sarah watched, mouth hanging open, as Casey proceeded to methodically gulp down every last cookie. Sarah watched in amazement as time and again her hand returned to the packet, found a cookie, and then carried it to her waiting maw and popped the biscuit in whole. While her mouth busily chewed, a loud crunching that would probably have annoyed Sarah if she was still trying to work, her hand was already reaching out for the next cookie. Eventually of course Casey’s roving fingers found naught but air and the absence of further food seemed to snap Casey from her reverie. She looked down at the empty packet and the other wrappers strewn about her, a confused look crossing her face, as if she had no idea where they had come from. Sarah quickly returned her attention to her essay, fingers once again clacking the keys as she prayed Casey didn’t realise she’d been staring.

“Sarah,” Casey said, her voice slightly higher than normal.

“Yeah Case?”

“How many cookies were in that packet?”

“What, the one I just gave you? Only two or three. I don’t know what I was thinking. I was hungry, so I opened them and then I just kept eating. When I looked back I saw that I’d nearly eaten the whole packet! It’s no wonder I’m getting so fat, I’m eating like a total pig.” Inside her head Sarah’s mind was racing, convinced that there was no way Casey was going to buy her lies this time, praying that hearing about her gluttony would keep Casey from thinking about her own.

“Oh Sarah don’t be silly. You can’t study on an empty stomach, it’s impossible. I mean look at me, I’ve had a couple of Ho Hos and a Mars bar but I’ve got through nearly three chapters of this pile of rubbish. How’s your essay coming along?”

“More than half done actually. I need to do a bit more analysis, come to some sort of conclusion, take a second pass and a write the bibliography and it’s finished.”

“See, the magic of snack food, makes work take half the time.”

“I guess so. Pass me a Ho Ho will you?”

As she started to finish off the last part of her essay Sarah breathed a sigh of relief. Whatever Casey’s own concerns about her eating habits, her pathological obsession with getting Sarah to eat always outweighed any other concerns, a fact that Sarah was very thankful for. She ate the Ho Ho, exaggerating the smile on her face since Casey was watching, a grin plastered ear to ear, and set back to work, with Casey soon doing the same. Not ten minutes later, to Sarah’s astonishment, Casey’s hand was ferreting in the pile again, quickly emerging victorious with a pack of gummy-bears clutched tightly in her chocolate-stained fingers. As Sarah’s fingers continued to skate over the keys she peered over the laptop screen to see Casey throw back her head and tip more than half the packet past her lips. Recognising what a fantastic opportunity this was Sarah went to the kitchen and fetched two mid-sized bowls. She then filled both of them from the enormous bag of toffee-popcorn and placed one of them in front of Casey, but to her left so that she could only see the bowl out of the corner of her eye. Casey, who had quickly finished the last of the gummy-bears while Sarah was in the kitchen, wasted no time in taking a handful of popcorn, chewing on it greedily as though she hadn’t already ingested several pounds of food. While Sarah continued to work, occasionally taking a piece of popcorn from her bowl, she kept an eye on Casey’s supply and when it was nearing empty picked up her still full bowl, leant into the middle of table, ostensibly to grab the popcorn, and hastily swapped her bowl with Casey’s, who remained completely oblivious. Then, while Casey began eating her second bowl, Sarah filled the one she just taken, ready to make the switch again. Over the course of the next half hour Casey ploughed her way through the entire packet of popcorn, seven bowls in all, and when at last her fingers scraped the bottom of the bowl she looked up again to see the empty packet sitting at Sarah’s side and a kernel of popcorn in her hand. Sarah noticed the wide grin on Casey’s face as she pushed away from the table and headed off to the bathroom. She nearly choked on the popcorn when she got a look at Casey’s profile and the effect that her afternoon’s gorging had had on her already swelling middle. Since the clothes Casey was wearing, like almost all of her clothes, were somewhat too small her food-engorged belly had lifted her shirt, revealing a thin streak of pink flesh and a button that was fit to burst.

“Good grief Casey,” Sarah thought, “You’ve really done a number on yourself this time.”

The weekend ended and Monday quickly gave way to Tuesday and Sarah’s appointment with the doctor. When she arrived at the clinic she was asked to wait, as inevitably they were running late, but it wasn’t long before she was shown in. As it turned out Ben was a very nice guy, though perhaps overly interested in how Casey’s weight gain had progressed, and he seemed to think that the whole affair was quite funny. He wasted no time in prescribing the stimulants to Sarah, who thanked him profusely, and then went on to explain that they weren’t especially powerful, since those could only be administered in hospitals and registered treatment facilities, but that they would increase a person’s hunger somewhat.

“In fact,” he said, “One advantage of the relative mildness of the pills is that there are no side-effects from going over the recommended dosages. They take about 20 minutes or so to kick in and you shouldn’t take more than one per meal in general but there’s no reason not to use two or three on occasion if you feel like it. One other thing, the pills are soluble and they go best in water, best not to try dissolving them in caffeinated drinks or anything alcoholic, it might interfere somewhere along the line.”

“Are you sure you won’t get in trouble for this,” Sarah had asked.

“What, for prescribing medicine? Don’t be silly. If anyone asks I just have to give a reasonable explanation and they’ll leave it at that.”

“A reasonable explanation? Like what? It might be a good idea to tell me, in case I’m asked.”

“Fair enough. A friend from med school has a younger sister who for several months has experienced a dramatic loss of appetite. She has no other complaints and a physical examination revealed no other worries, leading to the conclusion that it is probably a temporary condition that will pass in time. However she has found it difficult to maintain a healthy weight and asked if there was anything I could do to help, and so I prescribed a mild appetite stimulant that she could safely administer to herself. See, nothing wrong with that is there?”

“I guess not, thanks again.”

And with that Sarah had left, unable to shake the feeling that Ben had seemed a little too prepared with his speech, almost as if he had spent a considerable amount of time thinking about the situation. And the more she thought on it, the more she found his wide-eyed interest in the matter very odd. Convincing herself she was being paranoid Sarah got the prescription filled, hid the pills carefully in her handbag and went home. Neither she nor Casey had classes the following day, Casey had Wednesdays off anyway and Sarah’s professor had already started his holiday, and so the girls had decided to head down to Casey’s a day early so that they wouldn’t have to drive on Thanksgiving, which was always a nightmare. Sarah came back to an empty apartment and took the opportunity to pack her bag for the long weekend, something she preferred to do when Casey wasn’t around so that Casey didn’t see any of the extra padding Sarah had to pack so that she could be sure to look the part of the blimping friend. She then hid the pills in the inside pocket of the jacket she was going to wear the next day, already looking forward to tomorrow.

Sarah woke very early on Wednesday morning, she and Casey had planned to leave at around 0900 so that they could be sure to arrive before noon, and Sarah wanted to take what would be her last opportunity to go for a run for several days. When she arrived back at the apartment, workout clothes drenched in sweat, she was shocked to hear the shower already running. Sarah never wore her padding when she exercised, it was far too hot to do so and Casey was never awake when she came home, but today for whatever reason Casey was up barely after 0700. Sarah heard the shower turn off and leapt silently across the living room, neatly side-stepping the coffee table, and quietly snuck into her room. Quickly divesting herself of her workout gear and hiding it under her bed she grabbed her over-large and fluffy dressing gown, which she had bought only two weeks ago because it completely obscured her entire body. She donned the dressing gown and wiped the sweat from her brow, messed up her hair in an effort to look as though she had just rolled out of bed and then walked out of her room just as Casey was leaving the bathroom.

“Morning Casey, you’re up early.”

“Hey Sarah, yeah not sure what happened. Just kind of jolted awake.”

Casey was cocooned chest to knee in a towel, with another one wrapped around her hair, but even so Sarah could see signs of her gain: The towel creased around the wider swell of her hips, which had thickened noticeably to accommodate her still growing ass; The faint trace of her stomach could be seen etched into the fabric, suggesting that it was further narrowing the gap between it and her breasts, which, much to Sarah’s added amusement, had remained seemingly unaffected by Casey’s new calorie-laden diet. Sarah saw Casey eyeing her up and down, seemingly hoping that she could penetrate the fluffy pink mess Sarah had concealed herself in. For her part Sarah was careful to self-consciously cover her stomach and did her best to adopt a jealous and longing expression as she looked at Casey.

“Anyway,” Casey said, giving up her fruitless staring, “I’m going to get dressed. Since we’re both up we may as well head out a little early.”

“Good idea Case, I’ll just hop in the shower, get ready and we’ll go.”

As Casey walked to her room Sarah couldn’t help but look at her swollen rump sashaying back and forth as she walked in a somewhat constricted fashion. Her towel was wrapped tightly around her backside, Sarah could clearly make out both cheeks pressed against the thin material and she could see them swaying from side to side as Casey swung her hips in the bump-and-grind motion that she always adopted to show off her bum. Hiding a satisfied smirk Sarah went into the bathroom, locking the door in case Casey decided to seize an opportunity to evaluate Sarah’s weight gain au natural, had her shower and brushed her teeth before emerging, again encased in her dressing-gown, and going to her room to get dressed, which she was able to do quite quickly after so many weeks of practicing. Running a quick check on her make-up in the mirror she tapped the pills in her inside pocket, wondering when she’d get the opportunity to use them. Grabbing her bag and heading out to the main room Sarah was surprised to not see Casey already there. Straining her ears she could make out the sound of Casey’s hairdryer, which meant that Casey wasn’t even close to ready.

“What the hell has she been doing?” Sarah asked rhetorically to the empty room, “Still, gives me an opportunity.”

And with that Sarah went to the fridge and grabbed a carton of OJ and took two glasses from the cabinet. After pouring two glasses of juice and putting two slices of bread in the toaster Sarah then took out the bottle of appetite stimulants, took out a pill and broke it in half. She then put the pill in one of the glasses, where it quickly began to fizz and dissolve, and put the bottle and the remaining half of the pill back in her inside pocket. Sarah’s plan with the stimulants, at least for the most part, was not to make Casey become ravenously hungry so that she raided the fridge, devouring everything in sight. While Casey was already doing pretty well on gorging herself on a regular basis she was doing so either while drunk or distracted. If she randomly felt famished and consumed hundreds or thousands of extra calories even she would have to notice that something was wrong with her eating habits and that could lead to dieting or even exercise, both things Sarah was looking to avoid. Instead what Sarah was trying to do was keep Casey at a steady level of hunger, so that she would regularly eat throughout the day. Since Casey’s favourite fare was naturally unhealthy she would do the rest. Just as the last speck of the pill finished dissolving and the bread popped out of the toaster Casey emerged from her room, looking very good in her chosen outfit, if rather thick in the middle. Her choice of long skirt completely hid her thickening thighs and was loose enough to downplay the extent of her butt’s practically explosive growth, and in fact it was hard to tell she’d gained any significant weight apart from the hint of belly pressed against her t-shirt.

“There you are Casey, what took you so long?”

“Oh, nothing really, I got a little distracted fiddling with my hair is all.”

“Well, it looks lovely. Here, have some breakfast,” and with that Sarah passed Casey a piece of heavily buttered toast and the glass of laced orange juice, and quickly started eating her toast to keep Casey happy.

“Thanks Sarah, I really needed this this morning, I’m really hungry for some reason.”

“Anticipation of Thanksgiving, I’ve got it too. Just the thought of turkey and mashed potato and yams and pumpkin pie is enough to have me drooling.”

“Oh don’t, you’re making me hungrier.”

“Given how fat I am now who knows what I’ll look like when we get back.”

“Don’t be silly Sarah, you’re not fat. And you know there’s no point worrying about your weight now, anything you’ve gained, if you’ve really gained anything, will come off quick, it always does.”

“Thanks Casey, it’s good to hear that. Anyway we should get going, it’s a long drive and we said we’d get there before twelve.”

“Okay, let’s go.”


Revenge All Around - Chapter 5

Sarah had been driving for nearly an hour, chatting animatedly with Casey for most of the time. Sarah was driving because they had taken her car since Casey’s front passenger-side door had gotten a ding in it when she’d left it parked on one of her myriad trips to buy more food to fatten Sarah. While not her fault it was not something she wanted her parents to see and as she hadn’t yet had the time to get it fixed, Sarah happily volunteered her car for the journey. The trip had actually been rather pleasant for Sarah, sitting with Casey talking and laughing and listening to music it felt just like old times when they would stay up all night and watch movies and gossip and Sarah was beginning to realise just how much she missed that friendship with Casey, a friendship that had been tainted for weeks by their petty battle of wills. As if on cue it was at that moment that Casey’s stomach let out a very audible gurgle, the consequence Sarah had no doubt of the half tab of stimulants she had given to Casey.

“Woah!” Casey exclaimed, “Sorry about that.”

“Don’t apologise, I’m starved too. There’s something about sitting in a car that always makes me hungry.”

“Ooh look, there’s a McDonald’s at the next exit, pull over and we’ll grab something to tide us over.”

“Good idea, it’s not like my fat ass is going to be that much worse off for one fast food splurge compared to Thanksgiving.”

“That’s the spirit.”

As planned Sarah took the next exit and soon the two girls were at the drive-through window with Casey ordering their second breakfast. Sarah was unsure whether it was the drugs she had given Casey or Casey’s desire to fatten Sarah but she ordered an enormous amount of food, enough to make Sarah worry about the tightness of her pants given all the padding she had around her waist. Still, after more than a month of excessive eating Sarah had to admit that the thought of food, even the greasy fare of McDonald’s that she usually avoided, did sound wonderful. Casey meanwhile, who always enjoyed fried foods and whose appetite had been elevated to practically stratospheric levels by her constant indulgences, late-night drunken binges and general obsession with stuffing Sarah appeared to be almost salivating over the bags the pimply-faced cashier passed through the window. In spite of her own hunger Casey’s first priority, unsurprisingly, was to get food in Sarah’s hands as quickly as possible. Taking out two McMuffins she unwrapped one and passed it to Sarah, watching briefly as Sarah took a large bite, a quiet “Mmmmmm” escaping her lips, before she set about eating her own. From the first bite Sarah could tell from the look in Casey’s eyes that she was gone once again to that strange happy state where she ate without thinking, oblivious to the world and even, largely, to Sarah’s own consumption. Sarah rejoined the road, partly because she didn’t want to be late and partly because driving would provide cover for not continuously eating. She managed to keep both hands on the wheel, one also holding her sandwich, and she would periodically take another large bite. As she finished her last mouthful, licking her fingers of the last vestiges of grease, she stuck her hand into one of the paper bags and grabbed the first thing that came to hand, a hash brown as it turned out, and quickly ate that too. Feeling pleasantly replete but knowing that Casey would be expecting a lot more Sarah rummaged in the bag again, bringing out this time another McMuffin, this one also with sausage, and began to plough her way through that as well. When, after a good quarter of an hour of driving and eating she had finally finished the rather sickly second sandwich and had cleaned the crumbs off her still neat clothing Sarah finally allowed herself a glance at Casey. The rational part of Sarah’s brain knew that she shouldn’t be surprised at what she saw but even so Sarah was amazed at just how much food Casey could put away when she wasn’t paying attention to calories. There were empty wrappers and boxes strewn over the dash from what Sarah thought was three egg sandwiches, four hash browns, a box of hotcakes with butter and syrup and all but one of a box of cinnamon melts. At the moment Casey was pounding her large orange juice and so Sarah took the opportunity to grab some of the packaging and throw it into one of the bags near her so that Casey would think that she had eaten it. She took two of the McMuffin wrappers and the hash brown box, leaving the hotcakes that she couldn’t have possibly eaten while driving, and stuffed it all into a bag which she placed to her left, far out of Casey’s reach, before grabbing her drink and acting as nonchalant as possible. When Casey eventually snapped out of her reverie one hand cradling her full stomach, looking even more bloated than usual in her seated position, she looked around her seat with the familiar confusion, eyes flitting over the evidence of her meal before settling on the much larger pile of debris gathered neatly in paper bags around Sarah, a quick mental calculation of how much food she herself had eaten, given what was around her, from what she knew she had bought let Casey know just how big a pig Sarah had been. She observed that Sarah was driving with only one hand on the wheel, the other gently massaging her swollen middle with her grease-stained lips spread in a contented smile. Casey’s own lips briefly split into an enormous grin at her erstwhile friend’s gourmandising and soon the two girls were once again talking animatedly while the car covered mile and mile.

The traffic was light and they made good time, pulling up to Casey’s house shortly after 1130. Clambering out of the car, the evidence from their impromptu stop at McDonald’s long since discarded, Casey and Sarah made their way to the door only to see it thrown open and Casey’s mother appear, glowing smile adorning her slightly rounded face, and embrace her daughter in a crushing bear-hug.

“Hi Mom,” was Casey’s response to her mother’s exuberant welcome and though she acted somewhat exasperated she was grinning broadly.

“Hello sweetheart. And hello Sarah.”

“Hi Mrs. Newham, it’s good to see you again.”

“And you dear. Anyway, let’s get you both inside in the warm. I’m sure you girls are starving after that long drive, I’ll make you both a snack before lunch.”

Instinctually Sarah was about to protest, feeling no further need to eat after her sizeable fast food breakfast, but when she saw Casey’s smile at the thought of more food Sarah knew she was just going to have accept that this weekend she was going to gain some of her lost pounds back, which probably wasn’t a bad idea all things considered. The girls followed Mrs. Newham into the house and quickly ran upstairs to stash their bags and coats. Sarah was staying in the guest room, a good thing since she would never be able to hide her fabric padding if she and Casey shared a room. By the time she made it downstairs Casey’s mother had already made a large tray of sandwiches and Casey was already eating. Sarah noted that Casey was eating more slowly than she had after they stopped at McDonald’s, hardly surprising since that had only been 90 minutes ago, but given the attentiveness with which she was eating and the occasional “Mmm” that escaped her lips Sarah guessed that the appetite stimulant was still somewhat in effect. Sarah had hardly pulled up a stool before Casey had pushed two sandwiches in front of her and, with only the slightest hesitation under Casey’s eager gaze, Sarah took the nearest one and rapidly ate it in just three bites. The first was quickly followed by a second, third, and fourth while Casey was still dawdling on her third, visibly excited at Sarah’s hedonistic display. As Sarah sat there, looking at the three sandwiches left on the plate, she knew two things. First of all, she was full. She had been full before the sandwiches. To be honest she had been overfull after the first bite. It was not the first time since Casey had started trying to fatten her up, but it was bordering on the worst. Sarah hated feeling full. Secondly, she had to keep eating. Stuffing her face now while Casey was watching would keep Casey happy and more importantly keep her attention on Sarah’s waistline rather than her own. And so even though her stomach silently protested Sarah leant forward to grab yet another sandwich, her overfull stomach pressing gently into the padding adorning her waist making her very loose jeans pinch her slightly. As her hand brought the sandwich to her mouth she adopted the highly convincing smile she had become so good at faking when about to eat, even though her mind was secretly revolted by the thought of more food, opened her mouth wide, tore off a large chunk of sandwich, and chewed. Sarah forced the sandwich down, all the while maintaining a happy face. A small voice in Sarah’s head kept harping on about how nice the sandwich was while the rest of her body, particularly her stomach, ardently told the voice to shut up. But still she kept chewing and swallowing. As she neared the last bite Sarah took a quick look at Casey’s stomach pressing into her top, smiled and quickly gobbled it down. Then Casey made her move. With grim horror Sarah realised that Casey had slow-played her, matching Sarah bite for bite on her third sandwich while Sarah had been eating her fifth and then in one beautifully executed action Casey took one more sandwich for herself and slid the plate with the last remaining one right under Sarah’s nose. Silently berating herself for not seeing this coming Sarah quickly recognised that there was no way out of it and started the last leg of her ordeal. This time Sarah was more alert, she watched Casey to make sure she didn’t try to pull the same trick again, wait until Sarah had finished her sandwich and then offer her half of her own sandwich. But as it turned out there was no need to worry, Casey had made her play and, just as when she and Sarah used to play chess as children she could never think more than one move ahead. Plus she was clearly hungrier than Sarah had originally thought as she quickly wolfed her food in swift, large bites before licking her fingers clean. Sarah, who had made little progress with her sandwich, forced herself to continue, mentally vowing that for every pound she gained back over the weekend Casey would gain five later. She told herself to suck it up but then that made her think of sucking in her bloated stomach and even thinking about it was painful. Catching Casey looking at her once again Sarah threw all caution to the wind and inhaled the sandwich before leaning back on the stool, hands cradling her abused tummy, and let loose a low groan while Casey watched with evident glee.

Casey and Sarah retired to Casey’s room where they were able to watch some TV and read from Casey’s sizeable collection of fashion magazines while they digested their “snack” before lunch. After everything she had eaten Sarah initially found it difficult to breathe properly as her full stomach tightly wrapped with padding was pushing upwards into her lungs. Sarah took some comfort from the fact that Casey, who had eaten more than she had so far that day, seemed completely unfazed by the weight of food inside her and given the way her stomach still jiggled as she moved around Sarah was sure she wasn’t even close to capacity just yet.

Shortly after 1300 Casey’s mom opened the door with their lunch, which though several hours earlier than Sarah felt she needed was at least not too large. As she set down the tray Sarah saw a plate with four hot dogs with ketchup and onions, two bags of chips and a pitcher of lemonade with two glasses. Best of all it had already been divided evenly into two piles, so there was no way for Casey to manipulate her into piling more food into her slightly tender gut. When the food arrived Casey had been on her bed thumbing through a magazine and by the time she had finished reading and got up to grab some food her mom had already left.

“Crap!” Casey said, quietly though with some force behind the expletive.

“What Casey?”

“Every time. Every single time,” Casey was now muttering to herself as she headed for the door.

“What Casey?” Sarah repeated, now slightly exasperated.

“Mustard! She always forgets the mustard.”

And true enough when Sarah looked there was no mustard. This was something that Sarah had encountered a few times before when at Casey’s, her mom didn’t like mustard, nor did her dad but Casey loved it on burgers and hot dogs. She had never really paid it much mind since she didn’t care for mustard either but Sarah now realised that this seemingly irrelevant idiosyncrasy had provided the perfect opportunity to give Casey another half tablet of the stimulant. She quickly poured two glasses of lemonade and dropped the tab into Casey’s drink, watching it fizzle as it dissolved away, completely vanishing with time to spare. When Casey got back, mustard in hand and a triumphant look on her face, it was to see Sarah already chowing down on her first hot dog with her bag of chips already open. After liberally dowsing her hot dogs with mustard Casey joined her friend and the two made short work of their lunch even though Sarah was struggling by the end of it, not that she let Casey see that. At that point Sarah started to play the waiting game, while watching the TV with Casey of course. It had taken about an hour on the trip down for Casey to succumb to her hunger, but then she’d also been on a near-empty stomach. As it turned out there was little waiting to be done. Barely fifteen minutes after they’d finished lunch Casey decided to head downstairs to look for something sweet, quickly returning with two packets of double-chocolate chip cookies, one of which she opened and proffered to Sarah. Sarah guessed that this was unlikely to be the effect of the stimulant, more likely it was just Casey trying to get her to eat more and Casey’s own sugar cravings. Despite being full Sarah took a cookie from the packet and began munching happily with Casey soon doing the same. Sarah adopted her usual tactic of pretending to take more food than she actually did, repeatedly going back for another cookie but taking nothing, leaving a half-eaten cookie at her side, meanwhile Casey fell into her characteristic sugar craze and quickly lost track of how many she’d eaten, convinced as ever that Sarah was eating more and that her natural metabolism would work off her little extravagances. By the time they finished the first packet Sarah guessed that the appetite stimulants were starting to have an effect. Casey’s pace had only increased and when she found the first packet empty she wasted no time in opening the second, taking three cookies from it immediately without even offering the packet to Sarah. Sarah of course was only too happy to let her eat but continued to maintain the illusion of eating herself while Casey filled her belly with the chocolate she so enjoyed. The girls spent the afternoon relaxing, enjoying the peace of being away from work and academia. By early evening Casey’s father had come home and not long afterwards they all sat down to dinner, a delicious lasagne. Thanks to the mothering of Mrs. Newham both Sarah and Casey were once again overfed, she happily served the girls enormous portions and then seconds as soon as they had finished. The lasagne was followed by ice cream, which Casey greedily gobbled up and Sarah just about managed to eat with a smile on her face and then back to Casey’s room for more lazing around.

Around midnight, when Casey’s parents had both gone to bed and Sarah and Casey were still chatting away, albeit quietly, Sarah went downstairs to get herself and Casey a drink of water. Unable to resist Sarah dropped a whole pill into Casey’s glass, a semi-maniacal chuckle rolling naturally off her tongue. After she’d handed it to Casey, Sarah feigned a huge yawn and bid Casey good night. Sarah went to the guest room and got into bed, turning out the light but not yet falling asleep. Instead she waited, the long silence seeming to stretch out like an eternity, until at last, after what felt like hours, Sarah finally heard Casey’s door open down the hall. Sarah heard Casey quietly make her way down the stairs and thought that she could even make out the faint sound of the light switch being turned on in the kitchen. Judging it to be safe Sarah crept out of her own room and down the corridor, stopping at the very top of the stairs. There, lying on her stomach in the shadows and peering through the gloom Sarah could see Casey in the kitchen, standing in front of the open fridge with what Sarah guessed to be a Ho Ho already half-eaten in her hand. Since Casey was facing the fridge Sarah had an optimal view of her gelatinous rear. It wriggled slightly as she shifted her weight, a sign Sarah new of Casey’s impatience when it came to hunger. Since she was dressed in nothing but her underwear, everyone else in the house supposedly asleep, she had no idea that Sarah could see that her panties barely covered half of her cheeks and that as she fidgeted back and forth on her toes the wiggling, jiggling flesh adorning her buttocks inched the panties ever higher until eventually she would pull the fabric back down, seemingly unaware of just how much of her bum was hanging out of them. Casey’s eyes were running up and down the shelves, clearly looking for something to satisfy her sudden and inexplicable hunger. Seemingly finding nothing she wanted Sarah saw Casey slam the fridge door shut in frustration before wrenching open the freezer door and taking out a pot of ice cream. As she turned around Sarah saw her stomach sway before Casey grabbed a spoon, sat at the table, completely unaware of Sarah’s watching eyes, tore off the plastic wrapper and started to attack the ice cream. Judging by the colour Sarah could tell it was some form of chocolate ice cream, as ever Casey’s Achilles’ heel when it came to food, and as Casey took bigger and bigger spoonfuls Sarah couldn’t help but wonder whether a whole pill had been too much and, moreover, why Casey showed no signs of slowing down. Indeed the only time she seemed to stop was when she gave herself a brain-freeze. Eventually Sarah could hear the sound of the spoon scraping the bottom of the tub and Casey got up from her seat, Sarah noticed with some satisfaction that the motion seemed harder for her than it had been a few weeks ago, and went to throw away the now empty container. Preparing to make a very silent sprint back to her room Sarah got back up onto two feet, still crouched behind the banisters only to see Casey go back to the cupboards. When she opened them Sarah saw a pile of treats, nothing when compared to the sweet shop she had been living in for four weeks but still a sizeable little stash of calories. Sarah saw Casey grab two more Ho Ho’s which she began to eat, demonstrating once again her remarkable talent of open packaging with just one hand, while she also brought out a box of Pop-Tarts. With her right hand keeping her mouth occupied Casey’s left hand started unwrapping the Pop-Tarts, eventually having four tarts on the counter. With the last of the Ho Ho’s gone Casey put two into the toaster and Sarah was treated to another display of Casey’s impatient bobbing about while she waited, her ass undulating back and forth and up and down while her cheeks crept ever further out her panties' feeble confines. When the Pop-Tarts were finally done Casey grabbed them, quickly dropping them onto the counter as they burned her fingers, before slotting in the next two. Picking up her first tart, blowing on her fingers to keep them cool, Casey began to eat, starting slowly but building up speed as she became accustomed to the temperature. The second went the way of the first and then Casey was left waiting for another agonizing twenty seconds while the second pair warmed, her whole body jiggling up and down with her desire. When her second helping was finally ready she carried them both over to the table, leaving them to cool while she returned to the fridge, glass in hand, and poured herself a tall glass of milk. Taking a deep swig Casey returned to her Pop-Tarts which were cool enough now for her to eat in earnest. Placing one on top of the other to create some sort of bizarre sandwich Casey, still standing, bit down into the sugary delight, eyes closed, revelling in the decadence of her immoderation. Sarah meanwhile was staring at her belly, expanding and shaking and heaving with every breath, quivering with every morsel of food it accepted. Casey’s stomach was rapidly becoming a pot belly, the weight accumulating lower down so that her overtaxed panties were forced to buckle under the strain while the ever expanding adipose that stuck out from under her still unchanged C-cups had begun to fold slightly even while she stood to create a cavernous black hole where her navel used to be. Now that her attention was no longer focused on her swelling behind Sarah was able to fully appreciate how much wider and fleshier Casey’s hips had become, little love-handles sitting on top of her underwear that shrank and grew as she ate. As Casey started to clean up the mess she’d made Sarah decided she’d seen enough and quietly tiptoed back to bed. Sure enough, as she was just drifting off to sleep, Sarah heard the sound of Casey’s muted footsteps creeping up the stairs and into her room, she even imagined she could hear the creaking of the springs as her weighty friend finally went to bed. With visions of Casey’s fattened form and tomorrow’s Thanksgiving feast drifting through her head and a happy smile touching her lips Sarah finally succumbed to her dreams.

by Mrak




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